The Cooper Square Hotel news wasn't the only thing we learned at last night's Community Board 3 SLA committee meeting. In terms of food news the big story was the approval for a steakhouse from Motorino owner Mathieu Palombino at 241 Bowery. The team behind the concept, which interestingly includes an owner of the East Village Brazilian joint Esperanto, hopes to open the 72-seater within six months. But this being a complete buildout of a space currently used for restaurant supply, we'd guess more like a year.

The only rejection of the evening came when Northern Spy Food Co. asked for an upgrade to a full liquor license which the committee worried might be used for ill by a later tenant if the Spy Co. were to close.

Meanwhile, because some of us go to Community Board meetings for entertainment as well as edification, fun for the night came when Shoolbred's went before the committee looking for permission to serve alcohol at its outdoor patio. The Second Avenue bar had been "mistakenly" doing so since it opened and got a permit to serve food outside two years ago. While the committee didn't seem too fazed about the mistake—the bar was licensed to serve alcohol and has the patio already—they did point out that whomever filled out the bars application ought to treat their bureaucracy with a little more respect. We're not totally sure we agree though. Take a look at page two. If we were asked to describe the length, shape and location of our bar in one line we'd probably respond "c'mon really!!" too.


From Shoolbred's application