The new Whitney might have Danny Meyer but the Brooklyn Children's Museum now has Morris, which is a whole lot of awesome. The grilled cheese pushers, who don't motor around in their incredible food truck anymore, have put down some new roots as the Museum's cafe operation. It'll be the second Crown Heights spot to score their delicious sandwiches as the team opened another shop off Franklin Street earlier this year.

Beginning tomorrow, they'll serve their delicious grilled cheese sandwiches including the Classic (New York state cheddar and New Hampshire landaff), the Green Machine (fontina, fennel butter and kale two ways), and the Delicate Cheese (truffle butter, truffle cheese and caramelized shallots). Those standard sandwiches will be supplemented by seasonal specials as the team sees fit.

As a person not currently in possession of a child, I was concerned that I would be turned away at the Museum's doors. However, I have been assured that "the cafe is open to all Museum goers, and those without kids are absolutely welcome" so yes, that is me, the grown up person, housing grilled cheese in the corner.