2005_07_food_parkterrace2.jpgGothamist is always delighted to discover a happening bistro, trattoria or cafe where we'd least expect to see it. Our latest "foodie find" is in the far off land of Inwood, at the very tippy-top of Manhattan: Park Terrace Bistro.

Packed to the gills on a recent Monday night, Gothamist was delighted with the neighborhood spot's neighborly service - which actually ended up inspiring neighborly conversation between several of the restaurant's tables. (Our waitress' upcoming move to Cotes d'Ivoire was most definitely a topic of multi-table discussion.) And, the decor was equally fun and surprising for this neck of the woods - sort of a homey ode to Ali Baba.

The warm, jovial atmosphere was complimented by tasty Moroccan-French fare, with the real winner being the chef's 15th Century Couscous which featured plump shrimp, silky scallops, sweet raisins and slivered almonds, as well as the haunting aroma of cinnamon. Who woulda thunk that this sort of fairly glam Northern African restaurant would be hidden all the way up in Inwood? Will New York neighborhood miracles never cease?

And, to celebrate their culinary achievement in this Nothern clime - not to mention their 1 year anniversary - tomorrow, Park Terrace Bistro will be offering a special one-night-only Moroccan buffet* for a mere $25 per person - including a free glass of vino. And, if you end up stuffing yourself silly, just join in the swaying and wriggling of Naraya, the belly dancer they'll have on call.

Park Terrace Bistro
4959 Broadway
(between 207th and Isham streets)
New York, NY
PH: 212-567-2828
*Note: Reservations recommended