Over the years we've been known to drink a Red Bull or two in lieu of coffee in the morning—blogging can be exhausting, yo!—so we aren't that surprised that PepsiCo has decided its next big market is the morning soda. Still sad though. Everybody give a horrified hello to Kickstart, a "fruit-flavored Mountain Dew beverage" intended to get your morning going. But don't worry moms of the world, the drink isn't just 80 calories of artificial sweeteners and caffeine. It "is made with 5 percent juice and Vitamins B and C."

But in exchange for those vitamins and tiny bit of juice, PepsiCo is also taking away some of that sweet, sweet caffeine. Each 16-ounce can will have just 92 milligrams of the good stuff (compared to 330 in an average cup of Joe). So don't expect a Red Bull-like kick from a can of Kickstart when they begin popping up on store shelves in flavors like "energizing fruit punch" and "energizing orange citrus" later this month. Also, don't confuse these morning Dew drinks with Taco Bell's horrifying "Mountain Dew A.M.." Though also disgusting that was "developed" separately.

So why is this drink coming now? Because Pepsi thinks there is a hole in the market. Apparently Mountain Dew drinkers "didn't really see anything that fit their needs," a PepsiCo marketing officer explained to the Associated Press. America, this is your fault.