107161419_4a08fe88e7_m.jpgSUPERNACULAR – adjective – A description of wine so superlative that it’s drunk to the very last drop – proved by upturning the empty glass upon one’s fingernail and ensuring that not a single drip forms theron.

We can’t decide if we would actually ever use the word “supernacular” to describe a wine. It seems like one of those fancy words people pull out when they are trying to impress someone. “Gee Todd, wouldn’t you say this wine is supernacular?” Bleech. Recently, however, we did come across a wine so delicious that the usual praise such as “excellent” and “amazing” seems like an understatement. Perhaps we’re not willing to throw down the term “supernacular” just yet, but this wine comes as close to it as we’ve had…

The 2001 J.M. Gerin Cote Rotie (around $55) seduced us right from the onset. This wine from the Northern Rhone is comprised mostly of the Syrah grape with a touch of Viognier to add body and aromatics. The nose was powerful with notes of pepper, blackberries and bacon. The palate was rich and smooth with finesse that comes when quality grapes meets talented wine-making. The flavors were intense but not overpowering – the smoked meat notes from the nose came to life on the palate and the fruit and pepper were there as well, almost acting as seasoning for the meat. The flavors lingered long after we swallowed, but as with anything this good, not long enough.

We certainly drank this wine to the last drop. We are not too proud to admit if the opening of the glass were larger we would have attempted to lick the bowl. When you come across a wine this exciting it hard to find the words to describe it, even with supernacular at your fingertips.