Health Department-related complaints against restaurants are skyrocketing in the city, according to a new report in the NY Post. But of course, it remains to be seen whether eateries are getting more disgusting or people are just fed up with finding roach legs in their dumplings.

According to DOH records, there were 8,653 complaints filed against restaurants this year, as opposed to 7,312 complaints filed in 2014. New Yorkers say they've spotted rodents, roaches and trash in eateries around town—they've also come into contact with spoiled food, unsanitary food handlers, and inadequate bathroom facilities.

There were also 569 complaints about "foreign objects" found in food—mostly those objects were hair or plastic, though you never know when you'll find something more exciting in a meal!

The DOH maintains that restaurants are clean, with 58 percent of the city's eateries earning A grades during their inspections. The bad news is, even an A grade doesn't guarantee a clean bill of health—LES dumpling spot Prosperity Dumpling was shuttered last month after inspectors found 65 violations, including rodents, roaches and flies. Prosperity earned an A grade during its previous inspection.