The decor's more downtown destination—hand-painted graffiti by Victor Marka, depictions of agave plants floating through the cosmos—but with the sweeping, bi-level spaces only Midtown restaurants can afford. Vida Verde, a new Mexican cocktail bar and restaurant run by the company behind Tanner Smith's just down the block, opened Wednesday with seating for 104 spread out over two floors with two bars.

The restaurant portion will be run by Chef Hugo Orozco, a native of Mazatlan, Mexico, which he's said to have mined as inspiration for his menu. The city's a coastal one on the country's western side, and there are shrimp flautas, fish skewers and seafood ceviches to match that. There's even a Loaded Guacamole ($18) that comes fortified with shrimp and pork rinds. The squid and corn tacos sound cool, too.

The Pacifico brewery is located in Mazatlán, so it's pleasing to find it on the menu here for...$8 a pint. That's the cheapest you'll get for 16-ounce drafts, which also include USA craft brews like Southern Tier and Sixpoint. The eponymous cocktail ($14) is a snap pea-infused mezcal base with yellow chartreuse, lemon, sour orange and tarragon. The drinks are completed with two frozen offerings ($13), including the Rose of Mexico made with rosé wine, tequila blanco, pomegranate, cassis, clove, lemon, lime and morita pepper.

248 West 55th Street, 646-590-2034;

Vida Verde Food Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

Vida Verde Drinks Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd