Foie gras, the fatty liver (aka diseased organ) of male ducks and geese, is back in the spotlight with another protest scheduled to take place this Saturday, targeting Thomas Keller of Per Se.

Last time around, the Animal Protection & Rescue League (organized by New School student Michelle Brotman) protested Bill Telepan, who has won a merit badge from Animal Welfare Approved and carefully sources his foie gras to avoid supporting factory farms. Their target this time around isn't that much different, as Keller also chooses to get his goods from more humane sources. But... is there really a humane way to disease a duck's organ? To catch up on the process, here's James Bond discussing the evils of the industry.

The group claims they'll be displaying graphic banners showing scenes from inside Keller's supplier, Hudson Valley Foie Gras. A board chair of APRL says, "The conditions I have witnessed in Hudson Valley Foie Gras are appalling. In visiting there and other farms to document conditions, I saw ducks panting incessantly and showing great difficulty walking and breathing in the later stages of force feeding, and I saw trash barrels full of dead ducks killed by the process."

Still salivating for Per Se's extravagant dish? According to NYMag, the foie gras on the restaurant's tasting menu is the single most caloric menu item, weighing in at 435.4 calories (almost as much as a Double Down).