Last we checked, The Moondance Diner was going to live out the rest of its life in the country. A couple from La Barge, Wyoming purchased it, moved it and declared it would be reopened for the residents of their town.

Today NYMag points to Mark's Journal -- the author of which just passed through Le Barge, a place he describes as "a tiny and remote oilfield town, and one of the most desolate and ugly places imaginable." He snapped a pic of the Moondance on his way through town and we learn that the quaint destiny of the diner is not dissimilar to the fate of a childhood dog going to "a farm upstate". Just take a look at the place now...


Hopefully the new owners will follow through with their plan and restore it, perhaps making Le Barge look a little less desolate. At least the 6th Avenue glory days of the diner will live on through its various cameos on the big and small screen.

Photo of Moondance in NYC via NYCinephile's Flickr.