Montauk residents have been attempting to ward off all the drunk bros that invade their towns each weekend, all of whom appear to be peeing all over the place and making sex on sidewalks. So far they've gotten local police to step up their law enforcement, but now they're taking the battle a step further—they're banning parking by one of the drunk bros' favorite party spots.

The Post reports that local politicians have put the kibosh on parking near The Surf Lodge, a local bar and concert venue and an apparent homing beacon for the yupsters that have plagued Montauk this summer. The ban was approved at a public hearing on Thursday—parking had already been banned on the east side of the street by the venue.

"It’s a very dangerous street,” Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said of the newly non-vehicle friendly area. “Hundreds of cars can park there, it’s a very narrow street and when a car door opens, it opens into the lane of travel, which is a hazard.”

The town hopes Surf Lodge visitors will rely on cabs and buses to get around, presumably instead of drunkenly stumbling into their own cars post-partying. The bad news is, there's no Uber in East Hampton—sorry bros, but you're going to have a tough time getting home.