2005_06_food_angelofdeath.jpgGothamist thought that Brooklyn Heights had suffered enough of a foodie blow with the closing of the neighborhood's D'Agostino supermarket. Now, two independently owned restaurants have bitten the dust as well: Thai 101 and Annie's Blue Moon.

Annie's isn't much of a loss gourmet vittles-wise. However, it was one of the few pubs left on Montague. In comparison, Thai 101's fare was definitely a notch above the other Asian spots on the area - and its atmosphere was much more sophisticated than most. There are still a myriad of Asian options in the Heights, but none quite so lovely.

Gothamist is holding out hope that the locations aren't replaced by TGI Fridays, Applebees or - heaven forbid - another mega-drugstore.

What would you like to see by way of restaurants or bars in the area?