Rogan-loving chef Sam Talbot may have left the Mondrian SoHo's restaurant Imperial No. 9, but the downtown hotel still has a few sexy tricks up its young sleeve. Like, for instance the amusing new "Walk of Shame Key" that it is offering for a mere $295 to guests at its Mister H lounge. Exactly.

Neither the hotel or the lounge has been able to give us more information than the name of the key and its price, but we think it pretty much speaks for itself (a rep would only elaborate that "the key is for late-night romancers who might want to move the party to the bedroom"). Good to know, we guess, the next time you meet that special momentary someone on a night in Manhattan but don't want to spend the time, money or hassle required to take them all the way back to your parent's place in Mineola.