Carina Salvi for New York MagIt's true. A new French bistro is opening in Brooklyn - Jolie Restaurant. The gall (or Gaul, as it were)! Opening up in Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill, where standbys like Bar Tabac, Quercy, Banania and Patois have already cornered the Gallic gourmand market.

But Gothamist paid a "preview" visit to Jolie and has to admit that the new Brooklyn boîte has its charms. The sweet circular marble bar seemed like the perfect spot for an apertif, but since it was Sunday at 12 noon, we forced ourselves to sit at a table and review the brunch menu. Ooh la la! Not only were brunch classics like Croque Monsieur and Eggs Benedicte available, but so were unusual savory offerings like Sweetbreads in a Champagne Sauce, Celeri Remoulade and Oxtail Terrine. Intrigued, but not willing to take a full-on French plunge before our coffee, we opted for the Benedicte and its smoked salmon cousin, Eggs Norvegian.

Lovely renditions both, lightly sauced with rich Bernaise, accompanied by crisp frites and a small, bright salad. Mmm...

After we made "all gone," our waiter returned with the dessert menu.

Dare we?

We ordered not one, but four desserts. The Chocolate Bombe was just that - the bomb. The Profiteroles, stuffed with vanilla ice cream goodness, bathed in decadent chocolate sauce, was also a big winner.

So, Gothamist is thinking that another Frenchy entry to the Brooklyn restaurant scene might just be "bon."

Special Note: Grand opening celebration for Jolie is Thursday, November 18th. And, ladies will recieve a free jolie cocktail from 6-10pm. Tres bien!

Jolie Restaurant
320 Atlantic Avenue (nr. Smith St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Photo by Carina Salvi for New York Magazine