Pictured: Fluke Sashimi, Poppy Seeds, Chives, Spicy Buttermilk. Coddled Egg with Sous Vide Onions, Sweet Potato Puree, Osetra Caviar, Potato Chips, Parsley by Kathryn Yu

It's the law of supply and demand -- if something is hard to get, everyone wants it. This especially applies to Momofuku Ko, the latest spot from chef-superstar David Chang. There's no secret handshake or phone number needed to get in (in fact, there's no phone), just an internet connection. Reservations for the 14-seat restaurant will only be made available online, first come first served...and everyone wants to get in desperately.

Momofuku fans were treated to some major food porn last night as pictures surfaced from the restaurant's friends and family night. Then today, to further flame the desire, Gourmet's Ruth Reichl gives a mouthwatering play by play of her dinner, and even she begs to snag another reservation before she leaves. But Chang wouldn't budge an inch on the policy: “Only online. I mean it.”

Momofuku Ko, 163 First Avenue (no phone). Opens to the public March 12th.