Crack comes back to SoHo in pie form this fall when a new Momofuku Milk Bar opens inside a forthcoming clothing shop at 72 Wooster Street. Christina Tosi and crew will operate out of Band of Outsiders, a designer clothier opening its flagship store sometime later this year. The sweets shop will occupy one of the street windows inside the store, selling all their classic treats to the tourists and fashionistas...okay maybe just the tourists.

The new location will have an "emphasis on cookies," continuing Tosi and Band of Outsiders's creative director Scott Sternberg's collaborations for the brand's runway shows. "We are so excited for our new home in SoHo and even better, it's alongside our fashion friends, who have a ridiculous obsession with cookies just like us!" Tosi said in a release about the opening. The release name dropped the "Cosmic Cookie," which Tosi created for the "psychedelic Spring 15 menswear collection," but a rep for the confectionary didn't have any further details at this time. This will be Milk Bar's sixth brick-and-mortar operation.