Regarding the Momofuku Milk Bar, around the corner from the Ssam Bar, there are two things you should keep in mind: one is that the soft serve samples are pretty sizable (and free); the other is that pastry chef Christina Tosi’s Crack Pie™, Cereal Milk™, and Compost Cookies™ are now all trademarked byin process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. File under inevitable. This effectively dashes the hopes of several thousand would-be entrepreneurs seeking to market the leftover dregs of their morning breakfast bowls and parlay Alpha-Bit gastronomy into a suprême haute cuisine multi-million dollar empire, worldwide. If you think this is all a joke, son, consider that this should also effectively stop the deranged, Dr. Frankenstein-esque, Compost Cookies™ copycat experiments of the Oatmeal Cookie Blog (banner: “Developing unique oatmeal cookie recipes and answering the ultimate question: Are they bring-in-able?”). Or perhaps not. In any event, the first Momofuku cookbook, written by David Chang and NYT writer Peter Meehan, will be published in October, and again, the free samples at the Milk Bar are generous. Donut-inspired flavors this week. UPDATE: Murray Hillster, in the comments section, has pointed out the Milk Bar offerings listed above are all in process, and Momofuku Ssam Bar is Mr. Chang's only (currently) registered trademark.