Momofuku Milk Bar offers a sinful selection of both sweet and savory treats, from their veggie and pork buns to their cake truffles and compost cookies, and this week they started offering the ultimate in portable comfort foods: egg n' cheese bread. It's breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, it's breakfast to soak up those happy hour drinks... it's basically a Hangover Cronut. Just look at this thing... which we tried in order to deliver you this important, informed report:

The Swiss (Photo courtesy of Momofuku Milk Bar)

What you are looking at is a not-too-sweet but not-too-savory danish type bread, filled with cream cheese, with a semi-soft boiled egg gluttonously attached to it with cheddar cheese (there's also a swiss cheese option but that sounds too healthy). How was it? It was OKAY. It didn't really deliver an over-the-top taste extravaganza, which is what we were expecting... but that may be a good thing, as it allows you to taste all of the fresh ingredients.

The cheddar (Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

The item is now available at their Carroll Gardens shop, for $3.50 a piece.