2008_04_koresy.jpgThe coveted Momofuku Ko reservation has reached Craigslist (again), where all in-demand items are eventually available if you're willing to pay the price (which isn't always monetary). A gentleman named "Tom" seems to have found himself a "resi" for two at Ko this week, but is lacking both funds and friends in order to properly enjoy it.

I recently achieved what most have found impossible. I have a resi for two (2) at Ko this Weds. I am offering my one extra seat to anyone who wants to treat me to this most coveted dining celebration. You pay for the food, if we have fun I will pick up the tab for the booze.

Just tell me why this will work for us and the seat is yours.


While the posting was under the "Strictly Platonic" section, the booze may be implying "Tom" is looking for a little more than Coddled Eggs with Sous Vide Onions.

Photo via eGullet.