Same as it ever was. A Brooklyn mom is suing Starbucks, claiming "improperly served" hot tea caused her to drop the beverage onto her 5-month-old son, causing him serious injuries.

Last October 9th, Villona Maryash went to a Bensonhurst Starbucks with her son and ordered a hot tea. The tea was served without a protective sleeve, and Maryash says it was so hot that she dropped it. Maryash's lawyer says the tea should have been served not just with an insulating sleeve, but on a tray as well. The insulating sleeves are printed with a warning that the beverage is "very hot," but some cups have the warning printed right on the cup.

In May, a woman sued an Upper East Side Starbucks after being served tea that was "unreasonably hot." She allegedly suffered "great physical pain and mental anguish" because of Starbucks' negligence.