As a matter of fact, Gothamist goes by the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of restaurant cleanliness: We're only freak out if we see a cockroach on the table, dirt on plates and flatware, or hair in the food (or else we'd never eat at half the places in the city). But upon reading this Page Six item about our favorite Italian restaurateur Mario Batali and how four employees werefired because they had an orgy of sorts at Bistro du Vent, we now wonder if we should wear a Hazmat suit the next time we go out for dinner. The details from Page Six:

The randy sex romp between an openly bisexual waitress, a male chef, a female manager and a waiter was captured on the West 42nd Street restaurant's surveillance cameras, which feed to a monitor right next to the host's stand...

Our snitch, who saw the steamy surveillance footage, says the X-rated action took place "on the bar top, down to the floor, on top of the banquettes — chef on waitress, manager on waiter, waiter on waitress, all four tangled up in one bunch."

The Post adds that a night porter told other employees about the incident, which resulted in Bistro du Venties crowding "around the host stand monitor and watched the orgy unspool, freeze-framing it at points for maximum enjoyment." There's nothing like workplace camraderie - or workplace cameras.

Gothamist on Mario Batali.