For those intrigued by the science of food, the rise of molecular gastronomy (at restaurants like wd~50 and Alinea, to name a few) has been one of the more exciting trends to hit in recent years. Molecular gastronomists are whipping up all sorts of crazy meat glues and foams, with the help of one simple ingredient: water. But how does it all work? Inquiring minds are about to find out.

Tomorrow at the BMW Guggenheim Lab, culinary collective A Razor, A Shiny Knife (the same folks who did that crazy six-course lunch on the L train) will be talking about water, a luxury most people take for granted. They'll be demonstrating whiz-bang cooking techniques that utilize water, with a goal to "create metaphorical examples of water scarcity and potability around the world." The event is free and will run for approximately one hour, from 1-2 p.m.—reserve a seat here.