Esther Choi's Korean restaurant mokbar channeled its success in Chelsea Market to a new location into Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue. For the new restaurant, Choi's doing more than her popular Korean ramen, expanding the menu to include jipbap—proteins served with rice and vegetables—and appetizer-sized dishes including anju (small plates) and dumplings.

With a little more room to stretch out—60 seats versus the 20 in Chelsea Market—there's more room to crowd the table with Choi's dishes. All of the jipbap dishes, which include meats like braised short rib ($24) alongside veggie-friendly tofu steaks ($24) and seasonal vegetables ($24), come served with banchan, the ubiquitous side dishes that accompany most Korean meals. They're also served with Choi's house-made kimchi, which use vegetables including napa cabbage, daikon radish and cucumber.

The restaurant's playful Korean disco fries aren't in rotation here, but other sides and small dishes include Tteokboki (rice cakes with bacon in brown butter), spicy fried K-Pop Chicken ($9) and mandu, dumplings stuffed with fillings like pork, tofu zucchini, kimchi and cabbage ($7) and glass noodles, tofu, pickled shiitake mushrooms and garlic chives ($8).

212 Flatbush Avenue, (347) 987-3042;

Mokbar BK Opening Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd