Mister Softee has forgone the street justice route in favor of the legal system, it would seem. The Post reports that the soft serve truck has filed a lawsuit against four rogue ice cream operators who have allegedly co-opted the brand's signature style without permission. The suit claims the fakers have painted trucks to mimic Mister Softee's blue and white trim and also use menus "similar" to the iconic brand.

One such soft serve scofflaw is John Argyros, who—confusingly—has proper licensing as a Mister Softee franchise but does not have permission to use the truck in an official capacity. The Queens-based company claims that customers are being "deceived and confused" by the imitators, who don't follow Mister Softee's strict quality control guidelines over their product. Ice cream is ice cream, and for our money we'll take any truck so long as it doesn't sing to us.