Sometimes it's best to get out ahead of negative media coverage and take ownership. That's just what Mission Chinese owner Danny Bowien has done in light of the DOH shutting down his trendy restaurant earlier this week. Though the restaurant initially tried to mask the closure with some storefront signage about a basement leak, in truth a "severe mouse infestation" was part of what prompted inspectors to shut it down. And now Bowien is coming clean about the pile of infractions that prompted the closure.

"We were recently found to be in violation of several health codes and would like to address the information circulating on the internet by simply disclosing the codes we were in violation of, and the measures we have taken to address them," the restaurant said in a statement. Violations included improper food refrigeration, dirty food surfaces, dented cans and the aforementioned evidence of rodent activity.

The restaurant took steps to remedy these issues, as outlined in their open letter to customers, and as of last night passed a follow-up inspection and were allowed to reopen. Given recent criticism of the DOHs grading system, it's possible they just had a bad night during the inspection, which we know from experience happens to even the best of restaurants.