New York's Sully fever shows no signs of breaking; or at least businesses show no sign of giving up trying to cash in on pilot Chesley Sullenberger's life-saving emergency landing in the Hudson River last month. Village pub the Half Pint is in the papers this morning because of their new cocktail, "The Sully," which consists of two shots of Grey Goose vodka and "a splash of water." Carla Iny of Brooklyn tells the Post, "It's a classy drink for a classy man. It's cool and smooth—like Sully." It's only a matter of time before all this adulation goes to Sully's head and he ends up living in Malibu hosting his own reality show like Pimp My Plane or something. Oh well, at least Sully fans now have have something to get wasted on while partying in their "Sully is my copilot" t-shirt.