Who doesn't love esoteric ingredients blended into irresponsible amounts of cream and sugar? If you're a well-adjusted human being craving some of the above, head over to MilkMade, an absurdly tiny new ice cream shop/factory opening this afternoon in Carroll Gardens.

MilkMade is taking over for Hay Rosie, another boutique ice cream joint, on Sackett Street. It isn't owner Diana Hardeman's first stab at the frozen-dessert business, though—she's been running MilkMade as a subscription delivery service since 2009. Thirty dollars a month buys Brooklyn and Manhattan residents two pints of Hardeman's creations, and she's hoping that the addition of a physical storefront will boost MilkMade's popularity across the city enough that delivery can expand across the metro area.

She's planning to have a roster of ten flavors on offer, five rotating from MilkMade's extensive back catalog of ice cream recipes and five evergreen staples. The permanent varieties are Amagansett Sea Salted Caramel, Rock Rock Rockaway Road (marzipan with Mast Bros. chocolate chips and marshmallow), Peanut Butter and J (made with Saratoga Peanut Butter Company peanut butter), Chinatown Chocolate (Chinese spices and more Mast Bros. chocolate) and a Manhattan cocktail flavor with Grady's cold-brew coffee and a bit of King County Distillery whiskey. Scoops range from $3 to $8.

Hardeman's also offering Grady's coffee on tap ($3), and the flavored cones—$1.50 if you just want to nibble on one—come from Brooklyn operation Konery. These flavored cones allow for a slick trick MilkMade has up its sleeve: the cone flavors are matched to the ice cream, so if you order black sesame-caramel, it'll come in a sesame cone. It sounds like a sesame overload, but the cone flavor is subtle enough that it lets the ice cream shine through. It's definitely a serious improvement on the months-old waffle cones from a food distributor you'll find at divier ice cream spots.

MilkMade is right to bring out the big guns, as it's opening less than a block from the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, which has been dishing out ice cream since 2010.

204 Sackett Street, Carroll Gardens, (347) 746-8576; website