Hopefully three times is the charm for cocktail den Milk & Honey, which is being forced from its second home on East 23rd Street at the end of October. Owner Sasha Petraske told the Times that a demolition clause in the bar's lease meant it would be forced to relocate yet again after less than two years at its larger, upgraded space in the Flatiron.

The bar had hoped that the longtime owners of the current property would elect to keep the building at 30 East 23rd Street but unfortunately the Ring family sold the property to a development group last year. The "demolition clause" in the bar's 10-year lease meant they could be ousted at any time if the building sold, a seemingly distant prospect now come to fruition. The last night in their current digs will be October 25th.

The hugely influential bar, which has been cited as the inspiration for the speakeasy/cocktail boom currently engrossing the world, originally began as a tiny, secretive establishment on Eldridge Street, a dynamic Petraske hopes to recapture when they reopen. "We hope to move the venue back to its original size, somewhere downtown, hopefully opening in February," he told the paper. Better brush up on those entry rules beforehand.