Remember how last year the City Council made a big stink about milk price gouging, calling on the Department of Agriculture and Markets to enforce price limits after a study showed that 86% of NYC retailers are breaking the law by overcharging for milk? The department regulates the price of milk with a monthly cost calibration, but many grocery store owners are unaware the law even exists. It's one year later, and Councilman Eric Gioia—who's running for public-advocate—is still crying over the price of milk. Though there's been an 83% drop in the wholesale price of milk in the past 18 months, some Manhattan stores are still charging as high as $6 a gallon. The Agriculture Department just can't get it together to publish the monthly threshold price on its website, and at a press conference yesterday, Gioia told reporters that the department's milk price enforcement is virtually non-existent: "We have a state agency that's not doing its job. The Department of Agriculture went from bad to worse." With an election looming on the horizon, you can definitely expect Gioia to milk this issue for all its worth.