Poutine—Canada's version of White Castle drunchies—has gotten some recent signal boosting thanks to a new Greenpoint spot that specializes in the stuff, in addition to some instantly replicated versions being served at other restaurants. But Mile End Deli has been leading the poutine push for years now, even going so far as to dedicate an entire week to the messy french fry dish each year. Friends, that week has arrived.

Beginning Monday and running through July 23rd, both the NoHo and Boerum Hill outposts of Mile End will be serving some creative riffs on the classic french fries, cheese curds and gravy trio. There's so much ingenuity here that poutine purists may not even recognize their favorite dish, but that's for people in Canada to argue about.

Pizza Pocket Poutine (Mile End)

There will be five specials ($18 each) for the week-long fest. Sticking closest to the origin dish are the Short Rib Chili Verde Poutine and General Tao Poutine, both of which still maintain bases of fries and cheese curds, but with braised short rib chili, cilantro and confit garlic crema added to the first and General Tao chicken, kewpie mayo and crunchy garlic roasted sesame added to the second.

Then things get a little wild. There's a Mac 'N' Cheese Poutine with cheesy pasta, tater tots and cheese curds and a Pizza Pocket Poutine, which they're billing as a Hot Pocket" stuffed with fries, gravy and smoked meat.

Mile End Deli is located at 97A Hoyt Street in Boerum Hill and 53 Bond Street in NoHo; mileenddeli.com