Gawker's Max Read was dining at Roberta's Friday night when he noticed that one of the servers wasn't wearing any clothes, aside from fishnet stockings. He was told it was her last night on the job, and this was her way of going out in style. In some cultures, people cap their last day at work by screaming "FUCK YOU FUCK THE LOT OF YOU FUCK YOU ALL!" at their coworkers. But that would be as obvious as taking an Instagram of Kyp Malone outside a Bedford Avenue health food store. In Bushwick, they keep it raw.

A Roberta's source confirms that Friday was in fact the server's last night, and that she has been working at the restaurant "since its inception." Roberta's opened in 2008, so after four long years of waiting tables, who among us wouldn't want to rip off all our clothes and scrawl "PEACE OUT" in magic marker on our naked flesh? If anything, you've got to admire this young lady's restraint.

Of course, the Never Nude buzzkills at Grub Street point out the NYC health code states that "employees who prepare or serve food products, or wash and sanitize equipment and utensils must wear clean outer garments." Those fishnets look clean enough to us, so it's unclear if the Health Department is going to take any action against Roberta's. (And what about body sushi servers?) We called Roberta's scantily-clad server several times today to find out more about her unusual choice of uniform, but so far the most famous naked waitress in Bushwick remains tight-lipped.