And three's a trend! There's another new fried chicken sandwich in our midst, NYC, joining David Chang's Fuku and Shake Shack's ChickenShack. Purveyors of most excellent barbecue Mighty Quinn's have quietly debuted a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich with their own special smokey twist.

The team unveiled the sandwich last week, and co-owner Hugh Mangum says it's already been "going haywire," in his words. "My partners Micha Magid and Christos Gourmos had been trying to convince me to do a chicken sandwich; one, because they wanted one to eat themselves, and two, because they thought it was a great idea and it would sell really well," Mangum told us. "After a bunch of testing and prodding through them, the three of us came up with thinking this crispy chicken sandwich would be great."

They're not abandoning their barbecue roots completely, using a smoker to prep the thigh meat and give it extra flavor. The Crispy Spicy Chicken Sandwich, as they're calling it, then gets a light breading before heading into the fryer to emerge with a crispy crust.

The kitchen is using their Chili Lime sauce—the same sauce they use for the wings—for the heat element, which includes fermented red chilies, garlic and lime juice for added zest. It's served on a brioche roll for a "buttery element," as Mangum described it, with pickled cucumbers and pickled celery for crunch, salt and a touch of cool.

"I'd be lying if I was to say there was no inspiration from seeing [the chicken sandwich boom] happening, and yet, we were kind of already in process with this a while ago. I was resistant to doing a fried chicken item before because of logistics and we were going to offer a chicken sandwich as a lighter fare, healthier item," Mangum reveals. "Then seeing that this thing was happening was kind of, well, hell with it, let's throw caution to the wind."

The sandwich goes for $8.55, a little more than what the Fuku version sells for, and is available at all of their Mighty Quinn's outposts with the exception of Smorgasburg—where it'd be logistically difficult—and Berg'n, though they may begin offering the sandwich as a weekend special soon. All hail the mighty chicken sandwich!

Mighty Quinn has a number of locations and counters in Manhattan and Brooklyn: 103 Second Ave between 6th and 7th Street in the East Village (212-677-3733), Brookfield Place/Hudson Eats at 225 Liberty Street, 2nd Floor in the Financial District, 75 Greenwich Avenue between West 11th and Bank Streets in the West Village (646-524-7889), and at Berg'n at 899 Bergen Street at Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (