Fried Pickles (via the Perfect Pickle)

Have a craving for chicken-fried bacon, a hot beef sundae, or just anything coated in fried batter and a glistening of oil? You don't need to head out to a midwestern state fair to get your heart attack on a stick, because the Minnesota State Fair Day is coming to New York City on August 18th... and the press release warns it's coming "in all its Fried Glory."

The event is held by ex-pats of the Midwest who for the past five years have attempted to recreate their beloved Fair in a day-long food and bar crawl. They say the event is "a mecca for all fried food loving, fanny pack wearing, beer-in-handing, oversized stuffed animal winning, and livestock spectating Midwesterners."

Things will kick off at 2 p.m. on the 18th at Pop Pub (83 University Place) with fried pickles and corn on the cob (be sure to add extra butter and salt since this vegetable isn't fried), and after that you'll indulge in treats like cheese curds, funnel cakes, and hot chocolate on a stick.

Get your $12 tickets here, which include a tasting of some of these treats. And if you don't have a fanny pack, they've got you covered.