Pret A Manger—Manhattan's de facto lunch spot and frog mausoleum—previously only offered buzzes of the caffeine variety, but a forthcoming location at Penn Station will take it to the next level by getting you drunk. The boozy Power Lunch just isn't what it used to be.

The massive new Pret, which will dwarf most of the miniscule Midtown spots by two, will serve wine and beer, the Post reports. A u-shaped bar for 12 anchors the new cafe, where customers can order beer in bottles or on tap in addition to wine sourced from places including California and Italy.

The concept of alcohol alongside packaged sandwiches has already been executed in London, where the chain began, but this will be the first stateside Pret to offer adult beverages, and is a test site for further expansion in the United States.

Chains like Starbucks have dabbled in alcohol sales, only to discontinue the service in all but one NYC location: Herald Square, coincidentally.