Yesterday, a man was stabbed outside the McDonald's on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets in midtown Manhattan, and now it turns out the victim was a security guard for the fast food restaurant. Why does a McDonald's need a guard, when it's not Shamrock Shake season? Well, some allege that the location is a haven for drug dealers and their transactions.

One customer complained to the Post, "They sell everything in there. It's a one-stop shop. That's why they have a security guard." The Post says the guard came between two men having an argument outside the restaurant, and the Daily News reports, "Dozens of onlookers watched in horror - others took pictures with their cell phones - as the guard tried to fight off his attacker." The guard apparently used his cane to fight off the attacker, even after he was thrown to the ground, but the attacker managed to stab him twice.

Another customer told the News, "(The security guard) always has problems with people wanting to come in and go to the bathroom to do drugs, so he has to say no a lot. He probably just said no to someone and it went wrong after that."