It's not a good day for the Gray's Papaya family. The Midtown location of the popular hot dog joint (you know, the one offering their dogs for 50 cents) reportedly closed over the weekend due to "rent issues." Though they're planning on opening up another Midtown location soon, we recommend hitting up their downtown location if you're craving a Recession Special, because their Upper West Side store scored a C grade on their last inspection.

The Upper West Side location scored 35 points on their latest inspection for things like "live roaches present," "filth flies" and an improperly constructed non-food contact surface. However, that was taken in November, so they could be doing better by now. Their 6th Avenue location got an A last November. Meanwhile, rivals Papaya King scored A's on the latest inspections on all of their locations, with only one violation at their 125th Street location that doesn't even have to do with cleanliness ("Manufacture of frozen dessert not authorized on Food Service Establishment permit."). A little too good if you ask us. Papaya on Papaya sabotage?