Just in time for the holidays, the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook is set to hit shelves on November 29th, making all of your mid-century culinary dreams come true. While food from that era can typically be more of a nightmare (just check out these screamin' neon weenies), this book will take you back in style. It promises to bring you inside the kitchens, bars, and restaurants of Don Draper's world, saying:

Ever wish you could mix an Old Fashioned just the way Don Draper likes it? Or prepare Oysters Rockefeller and a martini the way they did fifty years ago at one of Roger Sterling's favorite haunts, The Grand Central Oyster Bar? Ever wonder how Joan Harris manages to prepare a perfect crown roast in her tiny apartment kitchen?

You'll also get some casserole dishes, and Peggy Olson’s sister’s coffee cake recipe, along with a specific scene which each concoction appeared in. Hone your skills in the kitchen and learn to work that shaker, and be prepared for your Mad Men party when the show finally returns next year—you can start with this Keens' Steakhouse Caesar salad recipe, which appeared in season three. Or you can click through the Mid-Century Supper Club photo pool on Flickr, which is endlessly entertaining (Frosted Melon! Fried Spam! Hot Pink Deviled Eggs!).