Evil geniuses have found a way to harness the delicious scent of microwaved popcorn and deliver it to your nose via your smart phone. The butter bringers at PopSecret unleashed the PopDongle, an iPhone attachment connected to their Poptopia app, a game that seemingly revolves around shooting popped kernels into a giant digital mouth. The more you play the game, the more biacetyl-scented odor spews from the attachment, teasing your nostrils with delicious buttery scent.

The happiest little trans fat molecules in the world!

Popcorn-minded folks can procure the app for free on iTunes but that little knob of olfactory butter substitute won't come cheap. Interested parties can bid on the accessory on ebay, with the current bidding price hovering at $150. Bidding for the doohickey ends December 13th, with 100% of the final sale price benefitting the American Red Cross; not the Alzheimer's Foundation?

Or you could just, ya know, pop a bag of popcorn.

[h/t DesignTaxi]