Gothamist is pretty excited that Michelin will be reviewing NYC restaurants, because we love strange, pudgy, benign seeming characters. However, we were wondering how Michelin, a tire company whose guides have become as essential as AAA guides (like an indie rock band, Michelin is "huge in Europe") with the stature of Zagat, would work in our less driver-centric city. Luckily, the NY Times article filled us in:

The star system retains Michelin's link to car travel: restaurants that are "a good place to stop" receive one star. Those worth "a detour" are given two, and those worthy of a "special journey" are awarded three. There are five levels to show luxury in restaurants, represented by crossed spoons and forks. A symbol, "Bib Gourmand," is for good value.

Okay, folks at Michelin, here's some free Gothamist Consulting advice for your 2007 edition: One star should be "Use your Metrocard"; two stars - "Take a taxi"; and three stars "Get a Lincoln Town car - it's night-on-the-town time!"

Have you used a Michelin guide? Here's the Via Michelin guides website. And the Michelin Man went to The Gates!


Photo of Michelin Man at The Gates from the AP