Chef Danny Brown has transformed his newish Upper East Side bistro into a charcuterie and cheese-centric restaurant with a more informal environment than his previous concept. Despite being well received by the neighborhood, X Bar Bistro will transform into Charc beginning November 8th, serving meats and cheeses plus sandwiches and share plates.

Gourmet versions of classic kids sandwiches like a Grilled Cheese made with Oma, a washed rind cheese from Jasper Hill Farm, and prosciutto (and truffles, when in season) and a "FB&J" made with foie gras butter and apple jelly are playful new takes on finger foods. Some larger share plates include a unique Spaghetti with smoked salmon, caviar, a quail egg and crème fraîche and a twist on the "Chef Salad" with lamb prosciutto, capocollo, brin d'amour sheep's milk cheese, turnip, celery root, gem lettuce, olive oil and togarashi.

The speciality cheeses and meats are of course the focal point of the new operation, with an emphasis on Vermont and French cheeses and a house-made Pâté de Campagne. Order a la carte or as part of a cured meat, cheese or "Grand Tasting" with accompaniments like nectarine jam and cornichons.

Brown, who ran the eponymous Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen for nearly 10 years, was the first chef to earn a Queens restaurant a Michelin star. The chef was forced to close the restaurant in 2015 after the landlord refused to renew the lease.

316 East 84th; (website will go live soon)

Charc Bar Charcuterie by Nell Casey on Scribd

Charc Drinks by Nell Casey on Scribd