2006_01_07_lomonaco.jpgWell, one vacant restaurant at the Time Warner Center filled, one to go!

Today's Times brings the announcement that one of the more famously vacant restaurant spaces in the city has been filled. After the failure of Jean Georges Vongerichten's V Steakhouse, not to mention the no-show of the originally called for Charlie Trotter restaurant, there has been a fair amount of interest in who would come next. And now we know that the answer is Michael Lomonaco, the former executive chef of Windows of the World (just don't get him confused with those Colors kids).

Whatever you think of the TWC upscale food court (meh) if you are following food in the city then the choice of Lomonaco, who we last saw when he was at Gustavino's and is one of the few unattached big name chefs in the city, is an interesting if easy one. Makes us wonder who's going to get that final space...

The new restaurant should open this summer.