So, The Simpsons much-hyped foodie-centric episode, "The Food Wife," aired last night. And it wasn't inedible! To start, it is worth noting that the episode, which centers around the family starting a food blog, really did pack in the foodie references and guest appearances including, but not limited to: Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, Wylie Dufresne, Frank Bruni, Ruth Reichl, Charlie Trotter, Tom Colicchio, Paul Prudhomme, the Swedish Chef (!), Julia Child, Guy Fieri, Colonel Sanders, Wolfgang Puck, Jose Andres and the movie Ratatouille.

In addition, the episode managed to possibly forever change the way we look at "molecular gastronomy." While Marge and the kids enjoy the molecular gastronomy at a restaurant called El Chemistri (where they serve dishes like "Regret") Homer mistakenly finds himself at a meth lab...and can't tell the difference. The other part of the episode that made us chuckle involved a rap by Tim and Eric (whom you might remember from such shows as Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job) which got to use this gem: "I'll rhyme about radicchio/criticize Colicchio"

Sadly the episode won't be on Hulu for another week—but you can observe a heavily-annotated set of stills along with the clips mentioned right here.