Dudes are so typical, right? Give them a fistful of beef jerky, a six pack of cheap beer, some salsa and deodorant, and they're just pigs in shit. Men: stupid meat-eating, crap-inhaling, beer-guzzling imbeciles who need their own special aisle in the supermarket so they can find all the gross little products they consume in one simple place without getting lost. That's the idea behind the Man Aisle, which was recently unveiled in the Upper West Side grocery store Westside Market. Unfortunately, this still doesn't help us find the beer helmets and air horns.

Right now the "aisle" is actually just the "end-cap" of an aisle (across from the beer, of course), but Westside Market's publicist says they'll expand if it proves lucrative, and introduce it at other locations. We hope it does, because it drives us craaaaazy when we're out shopping and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendars are all the way on the other side of the store from the hunting equipment.

The idea for the "Man Aisle" was inspired by a recent ESPN study suggesting that more men are doing the shopping for their families. "Guys don’t like taking lists when they go shopping,” the store's CEO explains to the Post. "This helps them remember what they need." Thanks CEO! Because there's nothing more infuriating than getting the groceries home and realizing you forgot to buy all the garbage you need to conform to a worn out Madison Avenue stereotype of masculinity.