Big W's Roadside Ribs; Photo - NY Times

It seems that an ex Bouley/Chanterelle chef will retreat to upstate, buy a mobile kitchen, and sell Memphis BBQ ribs roadside, and Gothamist says, "Thank God, but why can't the roadside be a little closer to the 1/9 station?" The Times looks at Warren Nordling's Dutchess County ribs operation. The Times' Ed Levine thinks they are the best ribs within 90 miles of the city. The ribs are smoked for 8 hours and the dry rub is made with brown sugar, garlic salt, granulated onion, cumin, paprika and chili powder. Nordling also makes Thai rice in the smoker.

Gothamist has two words: Road trip. Big W is located somewhere off Route 22 in Pawling, NY. We love BBQ and wonder what Jeffrey Steingarten would make of Nordling's ribs. Maybe we should invite Steingarten on the road trip.

And NYC Eats reminds us it's a BBQ Weekend!