graberq.jpgYesterday we pointed out WCBS tip-sheet that reminded vacationers that the beach is a deadly minefield of hazards, potentially littered with actual explosives. Now, local ABC affiliate WABC has a piece pointing out the dangers of Memorial Day grilling. Salmonella, e. coli bacteria, and other causes of food poisoning tend to proliferate when people get relaxed about cooking cleanliness while grilling. The CDC reports that food-poisoning illnesses necessitate 300,000 hospitalizations a year and cause 5,000 annual deaths. Avoiding either of those unpleasant options can be achieved by:

  • Not re-using plates that held raw or uncooked meat
  • Using a meat thermometer to ensure food is fully cooked
  • Keep your food refrigerated until immediately before cooking it

That's the abbreviated version of WABC's recommendations. We suggest reading the whole list, because if you try calling in sick the Tuesday after Memorial Day, your boss probably isn't going to buy it.

(BBQ at Blues & BBQ, by Harris Graber at flickr)