New York now has more Mamajuana to love. Chef Ricardo Cardona's Inwood Dominican and Spanish restaurant Mamajuana Cafe on Friday opens a second location in town smack in the middle of the Upper West Side. And if it does well, Cardona has big plans to plant Mamajuana seeds all over.

For now though, the new 150-seat restaurant and lounge, which serves a mixture of traditional Dominican dishes along with some that are a little more fusion, will have to do. Still, the food sounds interesting enough. Some of the dishes the chef calls his signatures include a calamari salad with banana and cashews, pollo relleno de longanzina, and slow-roasted pork with onion escarbeche. And of course there is also a hefty cocktail selection on hand as well—think Mamajuana Mojitos. You can check out the full food and drink menus below.


570 Amsterdam Avenue // 212-362-1514