dirtydog0805.jpgThe specialty beverage industry – particularly Smart Water – is now the recipient of a clever parody from Brooklyn designer/photographer Till Krautkramer, who’s rolled out an elaborate marketing campaign for a line of beverages called MeatWater. The website proudly declares that the drink uses “only the finest protein” for such “High Efficiency Survival Beverages” as Dirty Hot Dog, “an authentic taste of the Big Apple you can sip through a straw!” and Italian Sausage:

Mangia! You’ll feel like youse is at da famous San Gennaro festival in New Yawk’s Little Italy after drinkin’ dis. But widdout the annoying bridge-and-tunnel crowds askin’ “How much is doze zeppoles? Tree fuh a dollah? I’ll take tree.”

Other appealing liquid meals include Beef Jerky, Beef Stroganof, Fish'n Chips, and Brunch Omelette ("There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday! But who wants to go all the way to the diner and wait in line with the other losers for a table?")

Unfortunately, you’ll have to fly to France for a taste of Escargots Chantecleer, which will targeted to thirsty Frenchman “as a luxury survival beverage.” [Via Grub St.]

Dirty Hot Dog image courtesy Liquid Innovations.