Vegans may want to avert their gaze from Randall's Island this Saturday when Meatopia erects its City of Meat. "We're the opposite of a steakhouse," founder Josh Ozersky recently told the Daily News. "A steakhouse is a place where they get meat from wherever it's cheapest, cook the hell out of it and cover it with butter so no one will know the difference. Meatopia is about passion, knowledge, engagement, and people who actually give a damn about what they're eating." Also: gorging on flesh like a 17th century French monarch: “Beef, pork, veal, lamb, squab, duck, quail, you name it.”

The meat jag doesn't come cheap: tickets are $148.69. Then again, that includes unlimited beer (to take the edge off all that meat) liquor tastings, and ice cream. Pat LaFrieda is roasting a 1,000 pound steer (presumably as revelers clad in leather loincloths bang gongs next to a giant idol of a golden calf) and chefs like Marc Forgione, Anthony Goncalves, and Danny Bowien will be there.