Say you're looking to impress your date. Take her somewhere real nice. Somewhere upscale, romantic. Might we suggest the Penthouse Executive Club? Why, it's the third most expensive restaurant in the city, and at least someone is guaranteed to put out.

The PEC, for those unaware, offers guests both a high-class assortment of breasts and a high-class assortment of steaks, which are actually quite good. (We would know.) The Times notes that "no matter what your appetite for the saucy spectacle accessorizing these steaks, you’ll be turned on by the quality of the plated meat," but the thrills don't come cheap. According to a new Bundle survey of the "25 Most Expensive Restaurants in America," the average check at Robert's Steakhouse in the Penthouse Club comes to a whopping $516, putting it just behind Per Se ($883) and Daniel ($547) but ahead of Le Bernadin ($506) and Corton ($449).

"We're not for the financially faint of heart," manager Joe Erickson told The Post. He cited the menu's "extensive wine list" as a major draw. Right. And we read Penthouse for the articles.