Here's the latest installment in our ongoing quest to find a good, cheap meal that won't kill us or our budget.

One thing "warmer" weather means: waiting outside for something can actually be pleasant. So why not hit up some window service when you're looking for a cheap and quick meal? You can start with Shade, whose crepes-to-go window receives a lot of attention in the summer.

The crepes are build-your-own style, so if it's sub par there might not be anyone to blame but yourself. If you're looking more for a really filling meal, go with a "savory" crepe. Each crepe comes with three ingredients, and for the "savory" crepes, customers typically pick a meat, cheese and a vegetable. Or get a "sweet" crepe for dessert and choose from ingredients like fruit, syrups, chocolate and dulce de leche. They also have sandwiches and salads, all made fresh to order. Take advantage of the special and get a crepe or a sandwich with a salad for $10.

Shade-to-go is also connected to a Shade-to-stay, and many customers, even long-time regulars, don't realize that the to-go window and the restaurant/bar are one in the same. The owner said he had read a review of the restaurant where someone complained that the bar was "stealing crepes from next door." So you don't have to worry about supporting the illicit crepe black market should you choose to eat yours at the bar side.

Shade // 241 Sullivan St // (212) 982-6275