Here's the latest installment in our quest to find a decent cheap meal that won't kill us or our budget.

The walls and ceiling lights of Leon’s Burger Hut in South Williamsburg are splattered with paint, and the counter and windowsills are bedecked with kitschy items such as a giant golden lobster and a miniature golden lion. The best thing about the place might be the outside, with a sign that’s clearly aged and is still kinda funky (one “U” is about to fall off while another already has).

The menu is just a giant board hanging on the wall with permanent marker scribbled all over it. Some words such as “dog” and “shoes” are a bit random, as we assume (or hope) they don’t actually hold meaning. All the owner would tell us is that she bought the place from the original Leon some twenty years ago, and everyone calls her Ms. Leona. Also, her hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., seven days a week (or so she says).

It might take you a while to decide what to get: the “Yes We Can” Filet o’ Fish ($3.50) or the “Top Model” Chicken Parmigiana (Wednesdays only, served with spaghetti for $6.25). They also have other sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast and desserts, all for next to nothing. Chocolate cake for $1.35; is this place for real? The burger itself is just your typical diner burger and fries, but it only costs $5.50 and comes with fries and a soda. That’s cheaper than a McDonald’s value meal, and certainly less pricey than Dumont Burger down the street.

Leon's Burger Hut // Bedford and Grand Street, Williamsburg